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Your bubble of wellness

enjoy moments of pure rest and relaxation 

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photo nuque massage

Take time for you 

Treat yourself to a parenthesis during which I listen to you and take you to a better version of yourself thanks to the know-how acquired during my holistic massage exploration of the world (sporty, energetic, relaxing).

Take time to savor moments of pure relaxation alone, in pairs or more, to let go, recharge your batteries, find comfort or rise to ecstasy with the 'rituel des lumieres du monde'

Tarif spécial (-20%) pour les jeunes (-30 ans), les soignants et aide soignants. 



Pierre-Pascal is an excellent practitioner! Very attentive to patients and listening, he strives to providea suitable massage that heals and relaxes not only the body but also the mind. We come out refreshed, relaxed... with the desire to come back very soon! In short, a true professional, human and warm. Many thanks :-)

Presentation de la salle de soins de massages monde

Bubble of well being


I receive you in my living room, your bubble of relaxation. The place is located in Guyancourt, next to the forest, two minutes from the Palace of Versailles. 

Depending on the moment, the needs, the massages are supplemented with other sources of well-being (amma massage, meditation, sophromasque, light therapy, etc.)

To offer you quality services, I do not give more than two massages a day.

Heated table or futon

Quality oil, heated and selected from a wide selection

Shower available

Rappel : Tarif spécial (-20%) pour les jeunes (-30 ans), les soignants et aide soignants. 

Classical world massage

Massage du visage femme

Wellbeing bubble 1h20 | Massage : 1h00 | 90€ 

Thanks to the variety of massages offered*, get ready for a bubble of muscular and mental relaxation that will make you light.​

*I offer a wide range of massages: energetic, sports, relaxation/relaxation, gentle or strong, on the whole body or specific areas, or according to a specific protocol: Californian, Swedish, Ayurvedic, Hawaiian (Lomilomi), Korean , Thai...

Eveil des sens care

massage corps

Wellbeing bubble 2h | Massage : 1h30 | 140€

Listen to your feelings... 

Let's talk to define together the ideal massage that will reconnect you to you and your feelings.


Forget your everyday life

Let go, 

Connect with your being and all your senses in the present moment.

Physical, mental and emotional relaxation guaranteed, to "reboot" your internal system

Pregnant woman: prenatal massage from 3 months of pregnancy. 

Ritual « Light of the world »

Massage traditionnel du ventre

Wellbeing bubble 3h | Massage : 2h10 |  210€

In each person I massage, I see a being of light. Through this precise and improvised ritual, I reveal, circulate and radiate your inner lights.


The proposed ritual integrates different visions of health in the world:

The power of Thai,

The energy of Ayurveda,

Hawaiian tenderness, 

Eastern meditation,

and intuition.


A holistic approach to being as a whole, body, heart, mind for you Step out of time and elevate yourself...

Well being bubble at two

Image massage de deux personnes aux huiles chaudes.Photographe alan caishan

Duo formula (from 70€ per personne)

Moment duo : I suggest that you welcome you together and that you each enjoy a session consisting of a massage and a PSiO session on a zero degree chair.

- Bubble of 1h40 in duo: 40mn of massage and 30mn of PSiO relaxotherapy per person

Price: 70€ per person

- Bubble of 2h30 in duo : 1h of massage and 50mn of PSiO relaxotherapy per person

Price: 100€ per person

Events offer

Événements | EVJF | Anniversaires | Associations 

For your events I travel and I create for you a tailor-made ephemeral well-being space with a wide choice of services to be defined (seated massage, relaxation and light therapy with PSiO*, table massage, sophromasques, balance board, entertainment, contests, etc.)

Événement dans un milieu associatif

Massage entreprise par Pierre-Pascal Bouf

Déplacement à votre domicile

Massage à domicile par Pierre-Pascal Bouf



Being tense by nature, and chronic back pain, I am used to seeing masseurs/physiotherapists or even getting massaged daily when I go to Asia. I immediately felt the effectiveness of Pierre Pascal: he immediately detects tensions and relieves them quickly.
In addition to being very talented, he is very attentive and caring.
I recommend it without hesitation.

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