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World massages 

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Namasté 🙏

You're looking for some specific massage (Californian, Thailandese, Hawaian, Californian, Ayurevedique, Swedish, Balinese, deep tissue) or for a massotherapist du to pain issue, or again just a wellness expert to bring you in your better state. You're at the good place !! 

I receive you alone or in duo at Guyancourt (nearby Versailles)  and can also propose some training and initiation for group of 4 people. 

If you're traveling, you can also book a massage and a room at Airbnb 

«  Massages, the oldest form of medecine. »

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Customer testimonials

Massage at the top!

Super combo inspired by different massage techniqueswith a real rhythm/pressure/variety harmony & sequence of movements...

The music too, which contributes to relaxation, is very well chosen, as is the setting (heated table, relaxing light therapy glasses before accessing the massage...).

Appeasement, well-being and "travel" guaranteed!!

Thank you Pierre-Pascal!


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Portrait photo du fondateur de Massages Monde, Pierre-Pascal Bouf, en train de masser dans sa salle de soins.

My exploration of sources of wellness around the world

Through a journey in learning the different massage techniques of the world, I was able to discover this ancient Art which has been transmitted by word of mouth since the dawn of time with the simple intention of taking care of others. Whether it be :

  • in West with californian and clinical massage therapy 

  • in India with Ayurveda,

  • in Thailand and in China with the meridians,

  • in Korea with family traditions,

  • in bali with its cultural mix

  • in the hawaiian islands inspired by nature.


“Everywhere, there is a history of the art of healing which is transmitted through massage protocols. »

Each protocol thus gives, in second reading, a vision of health specific to each civilization and an approach to maintain and prevent the being as a whole:

Body, Heart, Consciousness.

All this acquired knowledge allows me to make connections between energy points, meridians, trigger points, chakras, anatomical terms, notions of alternative medicine, etc.

Thus, whatever the language and the origin of my interlocutor, I can exchange and progress towards better health.

This journey led me to a holistic approach to health, to other sources of well-being, such as positive psychology (with the Spinoza factory in particular), to relaxotherapy and light therapy (withthe PSiO), optimism, Reiki and many tools for personal development and the Zen method, or even neuroscience...

All this with one objective, to find and offer you the most suitable sources of health improvement for you here and now. 


Take time just for you

Introduction to massage


Training or initiation for duo or groups 



Relax your collaborator 

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Shooting photo de la salle de soins de Massages Monde

Opening hours and Location

Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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